BESPIN’s External Website


These days I work at the civic tech agency Skylight, on a contract to the United States Air Force’s (USAF) Business Enterprise Systems Product INnovation (BESPIN) group. BESPIN leadership requested that my team, the Design Studio, redesign BESPIN’s external website. We had six weeks to fully redesign, build, and launch it.

I was the Design Studio’s project and design lead. I managed a cross-functional product team that included two designers in addition to myself, a content designer, a digital marketer, and two developers.

This is my current job, so you know I’m not going to write a proper case study yet. But I can give you a little more context and some screenshots.

What, BESPIN? Like in Star Wars?

Yes, but also no. BESPIN is a USAF “software factory,” an internal agency that builds enterprise software for the rest of the USAF. BESPIN is an ecosystem made up of enlisted Airmen and USAF officers, civilian employees of the USAF, and many small contractors like Skylight. Among other projects, Skylight staffs the BESPIN Design Studio. We provide design and Agile services, consulting, and education to the BESPIN ecosystem. Our goal is to build the USAF’s overall capacity for user-centered design.

As design lead, I work with a mixture of experienced industry professionals and members of the USAF who are learning on the job. My role is all strategy, mentorship, and enablement. I love it. I didn’t push a single pixel in the designs below.


After, Mobile Mockups

After, Desktop Mockups