Hey, nice to meet you.

You’re interviewing a designer today. You ran out of time to review her resume and portfolio in advance. She smiles at you pleasantly, but knowingly.

Which question do you ask first?

> “Please tell me a bit about yourself.”

I wrote a pretentious personal statement for just such an occasion!

> “What are you up to these days?”

I joined Skylight to build design capacity in the U.S. Air Force’s Business Enterprise Systems Product INnovation (BESPIN) group.

Last year I led a team through redesigning the BESPIN website.

> “Tell me about a project that didn’t go according to plan.”

My very first project as design lead, the TripIt webapp redesign, went a little sideways. Everything has gone totally to plan since then.

Explore the live site if you have an account.

> “What project are you most proud of?” 🔒

Password Required. I’m most satisfied by projects that require me to learn a lot of complex information and simplify it for others. Salesforce’s Service Cloud Mobile is a great example.

We got some nice press coverage. Kristen Muramoto and I demoed the app at TrailheaDX. 🦩🦩🦩

> “Which parts of design are you most passionate about?” 🔒

Password Required. I love defining a problem and thinking outside pixels to solve it. Working on mobile for the Salesforce Lightning Design System gave me opportunities to get creative.

Find some of my work live on the SLDS site.

> “What do you do in your free time?”

I play phone games about cats, if we’re being honest.

Thanks for the opportunity! I look forward to hearing back from you about next steps.

Milwaukee, WI