Hobbies and Volunteering

My hobbies can be summarized as, “What if Laura Ingalls Wilder had wifi?” I also like to donate my time and UX expertise (UXpertise?) to causes that I care about.


Easily the best perk of working at Salesforce has been getting to know the Accessibility team. I partnered with a couple of those nerds to design a service to crowd-source transcriptions of social justice memes. Look, I said they were nerds.

It’s a desktop site too, I guess.

UX Teaching & Mentorship

I got into UX through a combination of privilege, stubbornness, and dumb luck. It’s deeply important to me not to pull the ladder up behind me.

I participate in Salesforce’s mentoring partnership with AIGA SF. I also mentor independently. If you would like advice and support on how to change careers into UX from a non-traditional background, get at me.

Here’s me giving the most important presentation of my life: a definitive ranking of cat Instagrams. Please take me seriously.


When I was growing up, my mom had a part-time job teaching quilting classes. I went to classes with her and sat under the table, hand-sewing clothing and accessories for the dolls my friends and I used to play Redwall. Today, my wardrobe is about 80% made by me.

In 2019, my husband and I bought a 90-year-old house. We also adopted 3 Persian cats from a local cat cafe & rescue. We enjoy slowly renovating the house, and the cats enjoy supervising us.

Here’s my mom and I, wearing matching jackets that I made for us, standing in a room we’re about to paint.