Nice Things People Said

Enjoy some anonymous feedback from my cross-functional peers at Salesforce (emphasis mine).

“Liz is funny, friendly, professional, and honest. She doesn’t pretend to know something if she doesn’t know it. Instead she will make sure to help find you someone who can help. She is a team player and always willing to go above and beyond.”

“Liz provides the perfect amount of presence and friction or push back when you’re working with her. She always participates and can be relied upon to ask questions even if (especially if?) they are difficult. I always want her opinion because I can rely on her candor and trust that she’s being honest. She also has an ability to bring a room together and make people feel welcome. Finally, I think she takes and encourages feedback really well.“

“Liz is a remarkable presenter. Hands down one of the best speakers I’ve ever encountered. Her natural ability to lighten the subject matter, while maintaining credibility to the topic, captivates the audience.”

“Liz’s greatest strengths to me is her ability to adapt under pressure and communicate to a wide range of individuals. On numerous occasions, I’ve witnessed her juggle multiple projects and tasks while taking the time to thoughtfully respond to various questions from devs on the team. She does this all with a smile. I’ve never seen her flustered or frustrated. She brings a joy and light to the team.”